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Ankle Sprain leading to ligament Rupture and calcaneus chip fracture

It has been a great experience for me, seeing diverse Patients, who came to our office for treatments.

It has been a pleasure for us to be able to help out patients that need our help.

Recently, we had a very interesting case in our office. Patient Came into an office with sprained ankle. We have ordered the X-ray and was not able to see any fracture. Patient comes back two weeks laters, still swollen ankle, very tender around ATFL (Anterior Talofibular Ligament). We have decided to order MRI of ankle. Patient was diagnosed with Peroneal tendonitis, ATFL complete rupture and a chip fracture on calcaneus.

We have informed the patient. Patient was devastated. “How could ankle sprain turn in to complete rupture of ligament and a chip fracture”.

We have given our patient an option, to repair the ligament surgically initially and go through the physical therapy, OR wait till the ligament heals by itself and go through Physical therapy. However, she was informed if the ligament does not heal itself, she may need a surgery to reattach the ligament.

What is the best option for this patient. Ultimately, it is patient’s decision. Is it better to be agressive with the treatment? or is it better to wait till the body heals itself. What if the body fails to heal itself and she has to go through surgery in the future…the recovery time will be another 6 weeks of cast.

Ultimately the choice is our patient’s.

all We can do is to offer her the options so she makes a final decision. All We can do is to go with patient’s decision and help whatever it takes to make her feel painfree.

-Dr. Kim, JaeHyun-